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CVSPS is pioneer in design, manufacture and assembly of diesel generators sets, panels, enclosures ensuring power is provided whenever and wherever it is needed, through a wide range of specialized, industrial diesel generators 

   Our enclosures are designed for excellent performance, durable and able to be serviced

   1. Enclosure provide excellent sound attenuation and protection
   2. Large viewing window for easy monitoring
   3. Unique COMPOSITE air handling unite reduces noise output
   4. Robust steel enclosure
   5. Customized in either mild or galvanized steel to suit your needs
   6. Further protection with powder coat paint
   7. A hinged doors provide ample access to all necessary components
   8. Removable end panels enhance maintenance access
   9. Lift – of doors facilitate easy services and confined installation space
   10. Cable access gained directly underneath control panel
   11. Fully accessible electrical component and wiring
   12. Single side access for commonly serviced items
   13. Lifting point incorporated as standard
   14. Performance – durability – serviceability

CVS provide control panels which offer advanced level of function for reliability and optimum performance , the power command control with digital paralleling control devices such as synchronizes and load sharing controls .

Load banks are a reliable and practical means of power system testing and are particularly used in the shipping, oil & gas, and utility industries.

Load banks can prevent the risk of costly power system failures while maximizing production during routine maintenance.

- Above ground flammable - liquid tanks
- Protected above ground tanks for flammable and combustible liquid
- Special purpose Tanks 

Mobile Lighting Towers provide light anywhere you need could be job sites, road constructions, emergency lighting, parking, airport, rental and mining applications.





CVS has its humble beginning as a small family owned duct-manufacturing workshop in Doha Qatar in 2001. Set up to supply MEP contractors with quality steel ductwork, CVS has since then grown to a full-scale engineering firm that offers professional solutions in HVAC noise abatement technologies, Fire rated duct systems and high quality steel ductwork and accessories.  



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